Thursday, July 22, 2010

To Resolute, and beyond!

Well, I made it out of Iqaluit by bribing a large mosquito....(alright, I made that part up.) It was a great relief to get out of there and into the High Arctic. The next leg of the journey took our plane to Hall Beach, where we refueled following the ~3 hour flight. Then it was on to Resolute Bay, which was another few hours, over some impressive sea ice. When we arrived in Resolute, it was cold and snowing, although the landscape was dry, rocky and dusty. The dust is a fine particulate-for all of you burners, it actually reminds me of the the Black Rock City playa. And for the wise guys out there-no, there are no igloos, penguins, or elves from Santa's workshop.

Several of us who are bound for the Haughton Mars Project (HMP) are overnighting in Resolute. The weather conditions at our destination were too treacherous to risk a flight. We'll try again tomorrow morning--such is life in the Arctic.

Its broad daylight outside at 11:30pm-but I bid you all a fond goodnight!


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