Friday, July 23, 2010

Sea ice? Why, yes I do.

I'm not a patient person, and waiting for the Arctic weather to clear so we can press on to Devon island is mental torture, so we decided to check out Resolute Bay and old remains of a Thule village. As you can see, most of Resolute is rock and gravel, with very little vegetation. At the village, the only location with scrub vegetation, we saw that the Thule people used whale bones as part of their housing structures. I found a good amount of serpentine on the ground, larger pieces might have been used for the decorative carvings typical to this region. I also saw the arctic poppy, which is a relatively uncommon sight. On the way back, we hugged the coastline in order to see some impressive sea ice formations-I was struck by how porous and cavity-riddled the structures were, as well as the vivid aquamarine color at the base of the largest pieces. Check out what I saw:


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