Monday, July 26, 2010

Overheard in the Arctic

1. The temperature really drops when the sun the other part of the sky.
2. I'd turn into a werewolf now, but the sun doesn't ever go down.
3. Wow, its cold. It's almost like being in the Arctic.
4. Can you grab a shotgun and follow my robot?
5. Planetary geology rocks!
6. Our camp cook is an impact caterer.
7. Excuse me, did I leave my pants in your tent last night?
8. Polar bears: one size eats all.
9. I need some quality sitting time.
10. Thank goodness this full body suit parka only smells slightly of gasoline.
11. We must be going Arctic-crazy.
12. This toilet is magnificent. Like the Smithsonian.
13. Elaine (taking video): Act natural.
Tiffany: ....and that's precisely how we pass a bill into law in the United States.
Kira: ....and that concludes the final chapter of my book on quantum physics


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